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One of our lovely community members made a comment asking how to avoid cravings, I thought this could be a great discussion topic to get ideas from everyone! 

It's not a bad thing to treat yourself every now and then. The thing is though, often these foods that we crave are addictive foods (sugar, refined carbohydrates) - hence why we crave them. It's great to figure out what you tend to crave - then you can find something new and healthy to 'crave'!

A personal fav of mine is dipping strawberries in yoghurt and placing them in the freezer to set - delicious and so easy! And occasionally I like do this this with a good organic dark chocolate instead - just as a special treat! 

What's your favourite snack to avoid cravings??

Rachel @ Food Matters 

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You are correct in that the cravings mean the body is lacking something. Do a little research on the foods you crave and learn what vital vitamins, minerals or nutrients the food has. Replace the "bad" foods with other foods that are healthier, but provide the same vitamins, etc. If the cravings are just for sweets or foods loaded with sugar, bake your own brownies, cakes, or cookies using Stevia. It is sweeter than sugar so you use less and it has 0 calories. It is a natural plant you can grow yourself.

I have Celiac Disease - can not eat wheat or gluten - so I must bake my own goodies with rice flour. I crave sandwich bread because I had to give it up entirely. The only thing that comes close is the flour from the Yuca root, known as tapioca. I can make pizza dough with this flour and not tell any difference from the real thing.

Substitutes are out there for us, we just have to look harder or be prepared to make it from scratch. Sometimes, knowing it will be too much work to get a brownie is enough to stop my cravings. LOL

The genetically altered foods are making it almost impossible for people to eat healthy.

I write a column on Natural Health for Examiner.com.

It is quite an interesting topic indeed.

I have also noticed that the foods I crave tend to be processed or with high sugar content for the most part. One of the worst kind being chips/crisps, which contain high doses of MSG, a particularly addictive flavour enhancer.

I have also found myself, although more rarely, craving some fruits and Barbara's explanation about the body signalling us that it needs more of certain vitamins or other nutrients does make sense. It seems that the body has some subtle way of letting us know what it needs, and listening to the right messages and acting on them may very well prevent further symptoms that are the result of a lack of or too much of a particular type of food.

Your recipe of strawberries in yoghurt looks amazing Rachel, I must definitely try it. What kind of yoghurt do you use?

I was going through a weight loss regimen last year so i've been suffering through the cravings. I just told myself that it was my body telling me that I'm burning calories since I also worked out every day. For anyone who has successfully quit smoking, compare those cravings to cravings for food. It's not so bad now, is it?

One thing I learned was hydration is the key and reduced the number of cravings. A lot of times the reason you're hungry is because you're dehydrated. But there were times when I had to have something or I was going to lose it. What worked (and still works) for me is almonds. And now I keep a mixture of almonds, cashews (both raw and organic unsalted) with goji berries. It's my "superfood trail mix" (I'm sure it's been done before but I came up with this on my own so I am claiming it! lol). I keep it in my drawer in a tupperware container.

But if you're trying to lose weight, you need to take in less calories than you're burning so the cravings are part of the process. And remember, all you have to do is sit tight and wait until it's time to have your next meal. You can't do that when you quit smoking!

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