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I just did the 3 day detox and I followed it to a T. I experienced the symptoms of fatigue and headaches. But I can say that I don't feel "amazing" like eveyrone says you're supposed to. In fact I'm in a rotton mood right now and I'm back to eating normally (still healthy as in not "dirty and dead") The only thing I can think of is maybe it's because I didn't go back to coffee and I'm probably still in withdrawal. Another concern is, I had bowel movements but nothing significant. And based on what I ate the day before the detox, I should have gone a LOT more. (pizza, burger, chips, double chocolate brownie)

Could this mean it didn't work?

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Okay scratch all that, I had a sleep and now I feel effing amazing today! Yesterday I had a green tea late in the afternoon and my mood improved. Green shake for dinner last night and a green tea this morning. Whoah! I think this detox diet will be something I'll be doing from now on! I feel like I can take on everything in my life!

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